Why Layer-2?
Why is L2PAD built on Ethereum and leverage Optimism/Arbitrum?
Ethereum is king of smart-contract blockchains - it basically stands on its own, with virtually no competition from the perspectives of community, liquidity, codebases, and best practices, sharpened through years of working with Solidity. The problem is that although Ethereum still reigns supreme, its network has become highly congested, resulting in far slower speeds and extremely high gas fees.
These inefficiencies are costs are passed down to the user, making the execution of transactions highly unattractive to the average user. This is where L2PAD has developed a solution, specifically in the crowdfunding space.
By utilizing Optimism and Arbitrum, L2PAD is also to solve the scalability and cost issues associated with building on Ethereum, essentially ending the fight for adoption and outflows of liquidity to other layer-1 solutions.
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